And so the story goes...

What happens when you are the type of person who looks at the world quite differently from everybody else, and who then obsessively puts these intepretations down as sketches on whatever scraps of paper you can find until you have boxes of drawings you simply do not know what to do with stashed away in drawers, cabinets and cupboards?

For a long time, Singapore-born illustrator/writer Joshua Chiang’s response to this problem was to simply buy bigger cupboards. Somehow, he believed, when the timing is right, the perfect answer would present itself.

In the meantime, he kept drawing and singing. (did we mention that he is also a performing musician based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?)

Then in 2015, he visited Melbourne with his partner. He found many galleries selling pop art prints, as well as stores selling T-shirts and other merchandize printed with works by local artists, and was blown away by the many offbeat and whimsical designs. In many cases it felt like these designs had walked right out of someone's sketchbook right onto the canvas and t-shirts.

And right there and then Joshua knew what to do with the unused offspring of his restless imagination. They belong on the streets. They belong in houses. They belong in conversations between strangers and friends. They belong in people’s lives.

The boxes had finally been opened. Be surprised.